Alameda Brewhouse’s Lobster And Crab Mac And Cheese Review

lobster mac
The lobster and crab mac and cheese was great

For reasons unknown to me, lobster macaroni and cheese have been on my mind. Those thoughts gave way to a craving, and I decided to cave and track down some Portland lobster mac and cheese. The closest thing I could find on the Grubhub app was Alameda Brewhouse’s lobster and crab mac and cheese meal — so that’s what I ordered.

The food arrived at my doorstep ten minutes earlier than the arrival time quoted to me by Grubhub, which in this case was a positive thing because I had just gotten back from Plaid Pantry. Had I been taking my time then the food might have gotten to my doorstep with nobody home to take the call, and that would have been a problem.

The first bite was good, and so were the second and third bites. In fact, nothing was wrong with the mac and cheese. I will say that it didn’t wow me, but then again I am a very picky eater and would characterize this kind of meal as exotic, and because I found nothing wrong with it I am giving this meal from this popular Portland location a 5/5. However, the meal came with  breadsticks, and they had some herbs on it that made it taste like it was burnt even though clearly they were not. I didn’t like the breadsticks, and I’m giving them a separate score of 2/5.

The breadsticks were not good